The Wingman

Aaron's Animals - The Wingman
Michael is the best wingman and helps Aaron setup for his date.
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Talent: Aaron, Michelle, and Robert
Thanks for watching!

Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew
Music: Pearl, Andrew & Jesse
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Olivier, Aaron
Production: Michelle, Clark, Robert
Animal Handler: Darby

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  • Don't you guys get it, he wanted to impress her but everything the cat threw out was treasure , and that's what kept his date interested, so as she would of came upstairs and notice The same thing it would of brought her comfort. The moral of this story "be yourself " and Destiny will keep it together. From the cat lenses don't insinuate basically don't may shock a person of what keep a couple together but mind your manners "business ".

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    • Fuck George Floyd

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  • 0:36 hi i'm brazilian i love your channel i wanted to know the name of this song Oi eu sou brasileiro eu adoro seu canal queria saber o nome dessa musica eu não sou muito bom em ingles

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  • My cat attacks the flowers, never switching them to better ones

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  • I have serch this cat breed but non of the cat smiles cuter than Michael 😄

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  • Me-Seeing people walking together going on dates Also Me- we’ll at least I have you phone Phone- low battery/dies Me -........what did I say Me again- single problems .........

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    • See even commenting disses me

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