When Cats Play Pokemon Go

When Cats Play Pokemon Go
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  • If only more humans learned the suffering of Pokeballs....

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  • Need your help .Please sign your oppose against Industries to save forest of Goa letindiabreathe.in/AmcheMollem

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  • When a same Pokeball can fit a cat and human

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  • Hey isn't Pikachu an electric mouse

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  • (0:23) EPIC cute kitten whos speaking Japenese

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  • (0:21) cute cat ❤️ yellow cat 🤨

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  • What i say when I do something wrong:Pikachu,I BLAME YOU. Pikachu:WUT U SAY NOW. ME:I said uhhh...Pikachu,I LOVE YOU...yeah that’s what I said. Pikachu:I love me too

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